How the hell do I get a Stomach this flat!!?

How the hell do I get a Stomach this flat!!?




Why can’t this be my body!?

Why can’t this be my body!?

Can I please have your body!

Can I please have your body!

Fat Loss in 3 Weeks, is it possible?

Help!  I have been doing 30 day shred but I need to know the best way to lose fat (healthily) overall in about 3 weeks.  I have been drinking water like it’s going out of style, eating better and doing that 30 day shred but nothing.  My stomach has an unsightly bulge that wont budge, and while I know I can’t spot reduce but need to lose fat overall, I want it gone!  Advice? Thoughts? Help?



  • single leg extensions
  • rolling like a ball
  • windmills version 1
  • windmills version 2
  • single leg drop
  • double leg lift
Cassey Ho for Livestrong Woman | hot abs in 4 minutes workout

very easy!!!

Must do

Must do this!

One of my MANY New Years Resolutions that I WILL Keep!

Promoting my business and expanding my reach and advertising is a BIG resolution this year, as well as attending as MANY vendor events as possible and thinking up as many new products to add to my site as possible.  The bigger my Product choices the more business I get because I will be able to have something for everyone!

Fitness Help!

Okay, Obviously, like most new years resolution makers, one of my MANY resolutions is to tone it up and get back to where my body was about a year ago.  Struggling to find a good plan that will work with a busy full time (constant overtime) desk job that will keep me in line without making me starve while i’m at work or make me keep weight on while I continuously sit at work.  All advise and suggestions welcome, what fitness plan and exercise routines work for you?

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